U.S. Gardeners who plan to purchase or receive seed from any groups or individuals based anywhere outside the United States should obtain a Permit for Small Lots of Seed. It is free, good for 3 years and multiple uses, and the application is available online. It does not require an expensive, time-consuming phytosanitary certificate (additional service you have to pay for).

How to order:

1. Apply for the permit (step by step pdf)
Country/Region of Origin: “Ukraine”,  Article: “Various eligible taxa” (that you don’t have to fill each single variety you purchase) 

2. Order max. 50 seed packages / order and only seeds comply with the permit, use filter or check the product details:

3. Checkout step 2 ADDRESSES:
Choose “Billing address differs from shipping address”

Shipping address: Enter the address of the Inspection Station as on the green & yellow labels.
Invoice address: Your address where you will receive the seeds finally (your address)

4. Checkout Step 3 SHIPPING METHOD:
Enter your permit no. in the comment field

5. Place the order

6. Forward the 2 PDF’s to us
you got from the USDA with the permit and the green & yellow labels to: info@nikitovka.com or upload them with the contact us form.

Once the package has arrived at the Plant Inspection Station the online tracking will end as delivered. And we don’t will get updates anymore. Any inquiries about the package from that point please contact directly the Plant Inspection Station.

When inquiring at the inspection station about the status of your seed shipments, always give your Permit Number, printed on your permit and on the green & yellow label.  It is the only way that they can locate your particular shipment since your name/address will be inside the package.