U.S. Gardeners who plan to purchase or receive seed from any companies, groups or individuals based anywhere outside the United States should obtain a Permit for Small Lots of Seed. It is free, good for 3 years and multiple uses, the application is available online.

Your shopping cart contains only tomato and/or pepper seeds – permit not required we will do the necessary paperwork (phytosanitary certificate with PCR testing) issuing fee USD 14.99 will be added automatically to the shopping cart.

For all other vegetables, herbs and flowers you need the permit.

There is no limit in packages / varieties for tomato and peppers. With the permit in case, your order contains more than 50 Seed packages we will split the order in multiple packages.

How to order with the small lots of seeds permit:

1. Apply for the permit

You can apply online: APHIS eFile  (step by step pdf of the North American Rock Garden Society)

or by fax, e-mail or mail: fill PPQ 587 or in a USDA Service Center next to you.

Country/Region of Origin: “Ukraine”,  (add any country you are planning to order seeds from – you can anytime modify this later if purchasing from an additional country).

Article: “Various eligible taxa” (that you don’t have to fill each single variety you purchase).

2. Place the order

3. Upload the 2 pdfs (permit and yellow/green labels)
You can upload the files directly to your order after the purchase or send them by e-mail to info@nikitovka.com.

From our experience we recommend to not use the Miami Plant Inspection Station.

While we have more than 1000 different seeds in our store, we try to keep up with the requirements and are very thankful for any information if there should be an issue with an order; the USDA manual has more than 1400 pages which is subject to change anytime.